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For distruction of the wave energy is above the core cover to the height of 7.0 m above the water surface a layer of dolosse in irregular storage. (00092127)

Hafen Richards Bay/Richards Bay Harbour        Dolosse in rough seas on North Breakwater        The

Description: Hafen Richards Bay/Richards Bay Harbour

Dolosse in rough seas on North Breakwater

The swell waves on the east coast of South Africa are enormous and can swell to a great height. The breakwaters are situated in an area which has one of the strongest breakers on the earth. Even the sea manual warns very strongly about the sea breakers here. Basically this situation is encountered the whole year round. The dolosse are a South African invention and consist of unreinforced branching concrete blocks. They have a weight of 5, 15, 20 and 30 tons and the form of a large double hook, whereby both hooks are twisted at 90 degrees against each other. According to the experience in South Africa, they jam into one another and thus resist displacement by the waves. Dolosse are often seen as slope protection in South Africa. At the north breakwater 5 t and 15 t dolosse were mounted. The dolosse were positioned according to plan. The Manitowoc crane operator was able to recognize the designated position of a dolosse under water on his monitor and placed it as well as possible. Above water the mounting was carried out by sight. In order to ensure that the breakwater structurev was always protected, all the dolosse, which could be laid at a time, were installed immediately. In the final state of the finished breakwater the dolosse lie – for the distruction of the wave energy - in an irregular mount up to a height of 7.0 m above sea level.


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