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Cape Cobra/Naja nivea        Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)        Naja nivea,  this extremely beaut

Description: Cape Cobra/Naja nivea

Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)

Naja nivea, this extremely beautiful and interesting poisonous snake, we have found on a mountain slope that is difficult to access. A small group of colourful rocks, illuminated by the sun, rose like an island out of the huge original Overberg fynbos area. In the crevices there was one Naja nivea Yellow variety and one Speckled variety. From her hideout, however, only the Golden Cape Cobra, as the Yellow variety is also called, came out. The Cape Cobra, with a head barely separated from the body, reaches a length of up to 1.60 meters (in exceptional cases up to 2.1 m) and has large eyes with a round pupil. The fuselage center of Naja nivea is surrounded by 19-21 rows of smooth scales. The colour of the animal varies from yellow (Yellow variety), reddish, brown or black, but can also be bright or dark speckled (Speckled variety). The Cape Cobra has a distinct sense of smell and lives in dry, stony areas, on sandbanks and sandy rivers. In the event of a threat, she shows her impressive threatening behaviour. A bite can also be taken at any time without threatening the patient. The fangs, which are immobile in the upper jaw, are short. Together with Naja melanoleuca, Cape Cobra possesses the strongest poison of all African cobra species. It surpasses the poison of green and black mamba. 

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