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Bilder Wildlife, Natur, Unterwasser, Bären,Alaska,Weißer Hai,Tigerhai
Klaus Jost - Bildergalerie von Wildlife, Natur- & Unterwasserphotographie de /  en Klaus Jost - pictures of wildlife-, nature- & underwater photographie

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Seabirds - Photo Collection of Seabirds & Wild birdsgreat white shark
Sharks - Photo Collection of Different Shark Speciessharks
Seabirds - Photo Collection of Seabirds & Wild birdsseabirds

Science - Fiji Shark Project

Scientific shark articles

Alaska & Wildlife




Egypt - Land of the Nile

Fauna & Flora Fiji

Fiji sharkproject



Penguins & seals

Polar bear




Southern Right Whale


Wildlife South Africa

ECO-PORTAL - An ecological joint project

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1) Copyrights
This homepage shows a supply of professionally produced pictures for highest requirements for the media. Looking at the hompage is free. All further uses are subject to payment! All rights to the pictures are reserved. All pictures of the homepage are code protected, and the copyrights are protected nationally and internationally. Only the rights to use the pictures can be acquired. The conditions and fees for use depend on the type and range of use and are indicated to you on your inquiry. Every other use, particularly whole or partial downloading of the homepage pictures for the purpose of reproduction, distributing in the World Wide Web or in other media is forbidden without the permission of Klaus Jost and will be prosecuted. For more information you can send me an E-Mail to Klaus.Jost@jostimages.com or a Fax to +49 (61 02) 43 29 32.

2) How to find
the required pictures fast. The subjects are sorted and specially arranged for the optical search according to topics as in a conventional catalog. If possible use these categories of themes on the left navigation toolbar, by opening the appropriate category with a single click. You will arrive then directly at the screen selection of the category of themes (e.g. brown bear). Each small represented subject can be regarded again in detail. You only have to click on the desired picture. The desired picture is now blown up. In addition you will find further detailed information on the picture and a twelve-digit mask number in parenthesis behind the title, which you need to order a picture.

3) How to order
If you have found a suitable subject for the use you want, order the fine-grain data of your desired subject by specifying the twelve-digit mask number of the picture and sending this at any time by E-Mail to Klaus.Jost@jostimages.com or by Fax to +49 (61 02) 43 29 32.

4) Contact
Klaus Jost
Jahnstr. 36
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg

phone: +49 (61 02) 43 29 30
fax: +49 (61 02) 43 29 32
mail: info@jostimages.com
Internet: www.jostimages.com

© Klaus Jost - wildlife- & nature- & underwater
All texts and pictures present at this website, are protected by international copyright laws.
Each kind of the duplication, which is manipulating or storage of pictures without the written permission of Klaus Jost is expressly forbidden.