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Photos of the moss of the Katmai National Park
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Photos of a Moos (Alces alces) in a flat river in the wilderness of the Katmai National Park/ Alaska and surprised, unbelieving bears.

It is late autumn at the Brooks River and the first snow is not far away. The Brown bears are bewildered: this can’t be true! There are not less than 11 Brown bears standing around nearby, and what does the moose do? It walks placidly through the shallow water only a few metres from the bears away. Without worrying it even takes a bath, stays and shakes off the water. Afterwards, it slowly trods through the shallow water back to the other bank and disappears in the woods. The bears draw themselves up, are looking around, and not a single bear thinks of an attack. A few hours before in the early forenoon, a moose was chased twice along the bank of the Naknek Lake by a Brown bear. The moose was able to escape in both cases. Some days before, however, a drama took place. A few kilometres away there was a small island with a bluff in the lake. The access from the lake was only possible from two opposite places. A moose was swimming from the shore to the island and was about going ashore when it noticed the bear expecting it in the last moment. Just in time, it broke off its attempt and swam back to the other side of the island. It arrived completely exhausted and wanted to step on the island. Unfortunately, this was impossible: the bear was already there. The moose turned around once more and swam back to the first place, to go ashore at last. But the bear was expecting it in this place as well. The moose couldn’t go back all the way to the dry land, as its reserves of strength were almost depleted. So it made still another attempt to go ashore on the island. But it couldn’t get through; the bear occupied the strategically important place. A few days later a bear was seen at the bank of the island, busy with a dead moose washed ashore. Here in the Katmai National Park lives the Alaskan Moose (Alces alces gigas). In autumn, the adult bulls have mighty palm-like antlers that can measure as much as almost two metres. The animals’ food consists of leaves of broad-leafed trees, branches, grasses, moss, and especially of water plants.

Alces alces
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

The Moose and the Bears
The Moose and the Bears

A Moose in the river
A Moose in the river

Moose crosses a river
Moose crosses a river

Moose in the shallow river water
Moose in the shallow river water

Moose in shallow water
Moose in shallow water

Moose in River Landscape
Moose in River Landscape

Moose shake the water off
Moose shake the water off

Moose shake the water off
Moose shake the water off

Astonished Brown bears and a moose
Astonished Brown bears and a moose

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